Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hurghada - The City, Opened Egypt
 by: MIRO

In the early 90's, when travel abroad was much easier than having to fly into space, the Russians finally learned what the rest at the seaside. And the first city, won fame fashionable resort, Hurghada has become. The sea, beaches, good hotels, a familiar food, and even exotic Luxor, skating on camels and even a trip to the pyramid - all this attracted tens of thousands of tourists from all over Russia. Rest here was cheap, and it was affordable for most little people. For many of them Hurghada was the first, and the available abroad, which remained in grateful memory. In short, if you have a saying: "Egypt - Cairo that" it has been 15 years, said: "Egypt - Hurghada it. It must be said, Russian business is very competently mastered it. In Sovestkom Union, there were many professionals who worked in the Middle East, enough people who knew Arabic, and they formed the basis of the companies involved in travel. Tourists arrived in Hurgazu, from the first day of fall into the comfortable environment, because they do not have to rely only on a modest English and ability to explain characters - who was here to help. And then came to the fore the obvious advantages of this kurorta.Vo first in Hurghada is easy to reach: the city maintains its own international airport which receives direct flights from Russia. Secondly, it is quite acceptable for the Russian climate - warm and dry desert climate with constant sea breezes. Yes, summer is hot, the temperature above 40 degrees. But heat is not painful. It can be dealt with by the local mineral water. And must not forget chafe cream that is not the sun burned skin. However, you can simply climb into the sea and prosidet there are 10 days, which usually lasts an Egyptian tour.

Hurghada tacitly regarded as the capital of the Red Sea. The city is situated so that it is from here the easiest to get to the best places for diving into the water to the coastal reefs and uninhabited islands. Tourists in Hurghada are available all types of water entertainment, windsurfing, Sailing, deep sea fishing, swimming. Especially popular is the diving, which created the necessary infrastructure. Unfortunately, not all vacationers are cautious, but if you're indifferent to the great diver Mayol laurels, perhaps, you is not threatened. Those who do not like to sit in one place, be pleased to go on an excursion to the desert and mountains near the Red Sea. You can go to the nearby monasteries of St. Anthony. Paul, to admire their amazing frescoes. Nearby, in the Gebel Abu Dukhan, is a historic quarry, where excavations are ongoing - it is also worth seeing. And yet

Hurghada - a paradise for golfers around the world. The famous resort complex with golf course located in El Gune, which is about 25 km from Hurghada.

If the first years of the Russians went to Hurghada just relax, the last time, perhaps since the beginning of the century, they have an interest in local real estate. Nothing surprising. Some brought a business, and therefore bought the apartment, the other just tired to rent rooms in hotels. Finally, a lot of those who began to invest in Egyptian real estate, hoping to profit. In order there are reasons. Expensive real estate in Egypt every year, at the same time, according to our standards, it is not so much the road. Recently otstroennuyu the villa area of 200-300 m ² can be bought for 400-500 thousand dollars. Flat area of 100 m ² will cost a little more expensive - 100 thousand dollars. There is great variation in prices, and still 60-70 thousand dollars should be sufficient for a decent area of around 1 thousand m ².

Twenty years ago, Hurghada was the poor fishing village. The first major investment in the economy of the town did business with the Arab East. It happened in the late 80's. Soon came here, and European investors - companies from Germany, Italy, Belgium. Together, this created a good infrastructure - roads, communications, and, of course, modern hotels. Local people employed in the service sector, artistic poverty learn the minimum set of English, German and Russian words, and seems to be the only concept that has no Arabic equivalent, cost of delivery. But that waiter that the driver that the trader - they are all quite peaceful, and if a tourist persistent, he always get what hochet. Zametim also that local governments favor the investors, there are various tax breaks for those who have something building, and it also attracts business. Europeans sometimes pay attention to the set built, but .... arrears little houses. Of course, any developer can be difficult, but it's just different, in a funny trick: while under construction, there are tax benefits, like the Egyptians, and trying, so to speak, to extend the fun. But the authorities closed a blind eye. Over the past few years, the inflow of investment is not reduced. A general upturn in the market creates a growing demand.

According to local authorities, in 2007, an Egyptian real estate sector grew almost 16%, more than 2 times higher than the growth of the economy as a whole. According to studies carried out by several government institutions, is currently in Egypt, there is a need for 2.5 million apartments, and that the proposal more than kept pace with demand, the market has an annual needs of 350 thousand new apartments.

According to sociologists, the gap between rich and poor is extremely large, but the economic measures taken by the government, contribute to the growth of the middle class, so that the Egyptian real estate is the consumer who can create demand.

Currently, the major players in the local real estate market are the companies from the Gulf. But the Europeans, as private individuals or corporations, are increasingly influenced by the situation in this area.

First, all attracted by cheap land. Secondly, Egypt, with its huge population and unpretentious, with a multimillion army of tourists - this is a huge and promising market with a very low-cost projects. After Europe, with its overheated housing markets, Egypt seems to investment paradise. Especially since, according to research companies, to peak development of real estate is still very daleko. Razumeetsya, buy property in Egypt - it is not the same as buy fragrant oils in hurgadskoy bench. It would be extremely naive to rely on herself and does not refer to specialists. Stories from poorly spent money, you can find in abundance on the Internet.

But the fact is that specialists in the Egyptian real estate is sufficient, many Russian companies are active in the local market, selling villas, studios, apartments, and could contribute as ordinary buyer or investor. Well, if we who have decided to work at your own risk, it is unlikely that it is then to lament the loss of time and money. The fact that the Russians came in Hurghada in earnest and for a long time to understand everything. Including Western competitors in business, who realize that the market reached new players, which will be considered. The Russians are willing to buy this home for a holiday or just free time, but is becoming increasingly popular purchase in order to derive rental income. Given the prospects for the development of the coastal zone, such income - too seriously and for a long time. 

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