Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Guide To Shopping In Egypt
 by: MIRO

It has been a well known fact that when you visit any place else in the world, may it be at your own locality, shopping is never out of the to-do list. You shop and it is out of the question why you do so. So, think about it, if you shop in your own locality, how much more when you are out of the country? A souvenir is a must and I am perfectly aware of that! Now, to save you from wondering where to shop when you are in an enchanting, history rich country like Egypt, I have here a guide for you.

When shopping, Egypt has it "under one roof", the Khan el-Khalili in Cairo. It is a place where you can experience full onslaught of Egyptian shopping. You can find almost anything here - from cloths, to water pipes, to papyrus. Name it, The Khan has it. So, do expect to spend the rest of your day here, especially if you are the impulsive buyer type. A hundred percent guarantee that you will really enjoy shopping here, and yes, you might even drain your wallet in this area. That is why, for a friendly reminder, use your bargaining skills. Why bargain? Because, The Khan is just like most of the bazaars you will find in any other place in the world. Yet, Egyptians usually call the bazaar as souks. Did I mention that the selection in this place is endless? Yes, indeed!

Egyptian cotton, having been soft and longer lasting, claimed the best in the world. So, never miss the opportunity of buying it in an affordable price in the place where it originated, Egypt. The Khan has different varieties of such cotton. From towels, bed sheets, shower robes to just simple cotton cloths turn into your own fancy. They have it here! And if you want the ones that are made highly for export quality, Wekalet El Balah, Al Azhar Street and El Sadd Street is the place to be. These streets have thousands of Egyptian cotton and to top it off, they specialize in this kind of industry.

>From spices to jewelry to perfume bottles, The Khan can provide it for you. Visit the Shobra el-Khema and be amazed with the different bottles made extraordinarily. Some even have intricate designs on it. The bottles come in different shapes, sizes as well as colors.

Now, how can we ever forget the ever most popular papyrus? Guess what, you can also find it here in The Khan. And the good news is, the papyrus artwork comes in all forms and sizes. There are a lot of beautiful papyrus artworks that it will really make it hard for you to decide what to buy or what not. In addition to this, these beautifully made papyrus have signatures of the artists themselves hand-painted on each papyrus. If you will not buy what I just said, why not visit the outside skirts of Egyptian Antiquities Museum and find out for yourself?

And lastly, the hookahs; Egypt is known to have these and yes, again, The Khan has it for you. A variety of glass water pipes or hookahs can be found here. And yes, you will definitely have a hard time deciding which hookah to buy. However, if you will buy one, do not forget the bubble wraps as they keep help keep your purchase in one piece.

There are still a lot of things that you can find in The Khan. So, when visiting Egypt, do not hesitate to visit the place and shop until you drop. 

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