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With an estimated 34.3 million tourists arriving in 1990, Spain rates as the third country in the world in terms of tourist arrivals. The history of tourism in Spain and the factors which have contributed to the mass tourism development seen today are discussed in this chapter. The general features and trends of incoming foreign tourism in Spain are detailed; the characteristics of Spaniards themselves as tourists are also reviewed, with the observation that travel agencies are scarcely required by Spaniards since 77.8% arrange their holidays on their own. Current SPanish tourist offerings are considered, with an analysis of accommodation in Spain.

 The tourist sector employed 1.4 million persons in 1990, which accounted for 11.2% of the Spanish working population. The public organization of tourism in Spain is described, followed by a review of future prospects including details of measures to try to capture tourist markets with a higher purchasing power and to promote the unknown touristic potential in Spain. These 'alternatives' to a Spanish sun, sea and sand holiday are suggested; 'cultural Spain', following routes which display the country's history or local traditions; the 13 national parks and 33 natural parks offer an experience of 'natural Spain'; sports such as rafting and mountain-climbing and skiing are increasing in Spain, as is 'health tourism'. The most recent tourist boom has occurred in the market of conference tourism; in 1990, Spain had moved up from 20th to 9th place in terms of numbers of international meetings held.

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Travel Dreams of Spain -- The Journey Before the Trip
 by: MIRO
Half the pleasure of traveling is in the anticipation. There’s magic in waiting for the day to come, the expectation of being somewhere new, somewhere exotic, inhaling strangely fragrant air, and feeling foreign breezes stroke your skin. To get maximum enjoyment from your pre-trip daydreaming, I always think it pays to learn a bit about where you’re going before you set foot out the door.

There are cities that can enchant you, where the flagstones of the piazzas and squares can capture your imagination, basilicas and palaces where you can succumb to musing on the generations of feet that trod the very spot where you now stand. But only if you have some inkling of their history.

Spain is one of those evocative destinations… a sweeping backdrop for some of the most intriguing, grand, and turbulent history that has ever been written. In case you find yourself España bound this year or next, here is a random smattering of geographic, historical and other tidbits to set your reveries in motion as you pack.

Occupying eighty-five percent of the Iberian Peninsula at the southwestern tip of Europe, Spain is the continent’s third largest country. Her outlying territories include the Balearic Islands -- Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza -- and the Canary Islands over six hundred miles south, off the North African coast.

Spain today is an exuberant blend of striking contrasts, a place where the traditional and the ultra-modern live side by side. Spanish identity has been shaped by a long, eventful history and by the large footprints left by those who first invaded and colonized the land.

Ancient Greeks and Phoenicians swept through the peninsular ahead of the Romans who came in 300 BC. The imperial conquerors brought their highly developed language and architecture, their agricultural techniques, and unusual new crops like wine grapes and wheat. Evidence of renowned Roman engineering, like the amphitheater in Merida and the great aqueduct in Segovia, remains in many parts of Spain today.

After the Romans, came the Visigoths, one of the many Germanic tribes who had converted to Christianity. They ruled Iberia from their court at Barcelona for three hundred years. Next to take center stage in Spain's drama were the North African Moors who occupied Iberia for seven centuries, imprinting what would become the Spanish language, Spanish architecture and Spanish cuisine with their own unique eastern characteristics. Their influence and legacy are particularly visible in the south, in places like Granada where the great Moorish Fortress, the Alhambra, still stands.

Until the Moors were driven out of the Iberian peninsular in 1492, Spain remained a disconnected group of separate kingdoms. Andalusia, Galicia, Leon, Castilla, Aragon and Catalunya were autonomous and independent until Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand began the process of uniting them into one nation, España.

The ensuing turn of the century began the Golden Age of Spain. Intrepid explorers like Columbus, Pizarro and Cortes set sail around the globe, and for the next two hundred years Spain achieved naval and economic supremacy,making it one of the leading colonial powers of the day.

Predominantly catholic today, the Spain of earlier times was traditionally a cosmopolitan blended society with a reputation for humanistic tolerance. Medieval Moorish culture from 750 to 1050 was highly educated, particularly advanced in mathematics and medicine. For centuries, a substantial Jewish population which prized learning and philosophy endowed Spain with its wisdom and business acumen. Spanish Jews, Moors and Christians lived together in what we would regard today as a very progressive liberal society.

The great university at Salamanca was founded in the early 13th century and became the brightest academic beacon in Europe, matched only by the famous bastions of education founded in the previous century in Paris, Bologna and Oxford. For several hundred years a degree in the Sciences from Salamanca was the most coveted credential to which a scholar could aspire.

Down through the ages many empires have scaled Iberia's mountain ranges, inhabited her shores and marched across her arid plains. Ultimately all succumbed to Spain's siren song and were assimilated into her culture, impacting and changing it, as much as they were impacted and changed by it.

Today's Spain is a parliamentary monarchy comprised of autonomous regions. Each has a distinctive landscape, its own unique history and cultural traditions, a regional cuisine, and sometimes a separate language which distinguishes its natives. The intoxicating energy of Spain can seduce, mystify and mesmerize. Few visitors escape the lure of her charms.

You can ski the peaks and snow caps of the Pyrenees, sunbathe on endless white sand beaches, rub elbows with the jet set in Marbella, or take a dusty road up into the pueblos blancas and find your soul in the raw emotion of Andalusia's gyspsy flamenco. Just bring your open heart... you won't find a warmer welcome anywhere on the continent. 

The City Of Nizams

Top Reasons To Visit Hyderabad- The City Of Nizams
 by: MIRO

Well, there are many solid reasons to visit Hyderabad and here are some of them:

Images of the past: The city of Hyderabad is a living example of the images of the opulent days of its ancient rulers. This 400 year old city is a must visit destination for history lovers. There are many places to visit in Hyderabad that reminds of the glorious past like Charminar, Mecca Masjid, Golconda Fort and so on. There are also many attractions that have remnants of art and culture of the Qutub Shahi and Asaf Jahi dynasties.

Mouth-watering dishes: One of the main highlights of the Hyderabad tourism is the Hyderabadi food which is a blend of Mughlai and Persian cuisines. It is famous for its rich and aromatic nature that comes due to the liberal use of exotic spices, ghee and fresh fruits. The Hyderabadi food uses fresh fruit instead of dried fruits. Biryani, one of India's most popular foods, is flavored rice with meat or vegetables and an important part of Hyderabadi cuisine.

Rich culture: Hyderabad is known for its rich history and culture with a rich and varied heritage in arts, crafts and dance that was formed during the rule of Nizams. One who travels in Hyderabad must visit the Salar Jung Museum to witness the cultural side of Hyderabad. It is one of the biggest one-man collections of antiques of the world who was Salar Jung III. Some of the top items here are Persian carpets, Moghal miniatures and daggers, Chinese porcelain, jade collection and Japanese lacquer and other fabulous items.

Paradise for shopping lovers: Hyderabad is surely the best place in India for shopping. In fact, the city has been a major shopping center of India for years, right from the Mogul kings to the British rule to the present day. People come here to shop for, antiques, jewelry items, beautiful dresses, rare semi precious gems, natural pearls and handicrafts. Due to a pleasant Hyderabad weather, there will be no problem for tourists to travel around looking for souvenirs to take back home.

Other attractions: Gandhipet Lake also known as Osman Sagar is one of the top places to visit in Hyderabad. Spread over an area of 46 square kilometers, here people come to enjoy the lush greenery. One important lake is the Hussain Sagar Lake where 33 statues of different celebrities is breathtaking sight for one who travels in Hyderabad. One can even experience skiing in sweltering summers by visiting the Snow theme Park. It is the only such park in entire India where you can enjoy skiing in artificial snow.

Apart from this, there are Film City Birla mandir and Osmania University which are amongst the top places to visit in Hyderabad. So, it’s time to plan your trip to this “City of Nizams”.

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Traveling Around Egypt And Back
 by: MIRO


Egypt is one of the most thrilling places, mainly because of its Pyramids. Egypt is also one of the vacationing spots for the people living in the west and also people living in other parts of the world. This is the perfect trip for a family who wants to add an educational value to their vacation. Unlike most vacation spots, parents drop their children of at an amusement park for hours at a time. A trip to Egypt is a trip that the entire family can enjoy

A grand tour for Egypt starts from Cairo (Ancient Egypt), which includes religious and Islamic sight seeing. Cairo is also one of the major airports in Egypt. Normal tour for Cairo will start from Giza pyramids (Great pyramids), Saqquara (Step pyramid) and even the Egyptian Antiquities museum. This is like a first day tour.

Then the tour usually moves on to Luxor and Aswan, these places are visited either by train or flight. Tours also include visiting some places like Citadel and Khan el-Khalili market in Islamic Cairo, also visiting the churches and Coptic museum in Cairo.

Egypt is a place for Religious tours, Adventure and Specialty tours, golfing tours, fishing expeditions, Birding tours, Nature tours, Simple Holidays, Beach vacations, Scuba diving vacations, Western or Eastern Desert, The Sinai, Jordan, Kenya and the Israel.

Shopping is unlimited in Egypt being a historical and a religious place, one can find many exciting and inventive things to buy.

Food is delicious in Egypt, some of the famous delicacies of Egypt are, Egyptian bean salad, Egyptian stuffed egg plant with rice, meat and okra stew, Egyptian stuffed pigeon, Egyptian green soup, Egyptian salty rice, stuffed grape leaves, fig cakes, um ali (famous dessert of Egypt), Egyptian spiced drink etc… All the dishes of Egypt are made in a unique way; there are recipe books available for people who become lover of the food in Egypt.

Arabic is a common language that is spoken in Egypt. It is not very hard to learn basic Arabic so communication is made between people who do not understand English.

There are various transports that are available in Egypt, getting to places isn’t difficult because of the arrangement of buses, trains, water transport and flights. It is quiet reasonable to travel in Egypt.

Proper planning is recommended so that one would not get confused if going to Egypt the first time. Maps are available so detailed study of Egypt will help in the entire trip.

Egypt : Land Before Time
 by: MIRO

In recent years, the number of people touring Egypt has slowly dwindled. This is most likely due to the violence in the Middle Eastern region and the few bombings and kidnappings that have occured in recent years. However, these cases are pretty much isolated, and the thousands of people who visit Egypt every year thoroughly enjoy their experience there.
Egypt is famous for a lot of things, from their exotic perfumes, fine cotton, and the mysteries of mummification and their ancient religion. However, I would like to focus on the architectural and engineering wonders of the Egyptian civilization. When the tribes in Europe and Africa were still building huts and shelters, the Egyptians have already constructed monstrous monuments hundreds of feet in height and width. It is this superiority that has elevated the ancient Egyptian civilization as one of the greatest civilizations in the world.

The Great Pyramids of Giza

By far the most famous of Egypt's architectural wonders are the 3 Great Pyramids located at Giza, near Cairo. These monuments are hundreds of feet in height, and have survived the test of time for the last 4500 years. There are over a hundred pyramids of various sizes in Egypt, and more in neighboring Sudan. These monuments serve as tombs for the great pharaohs of ancient Egypt, and stand as testimony to the power and influence of these pharaohs.
When you stand at the bottom of the Great Pyramids, looking up at their magnificence, the feeling is indescribable. You begin to wonder just how the ancient people managed to construct this huge structure with only the help of the simple tools available at that time. And this feeling of awe intensifies when you take the opportunity to descend into the pyramids via the original entrances that were used thousands of years ago. When you touch the walls of the now-empty tombs beneath the pyramids, you will feel as if you were there thousands of years ago when the tombs were freshly carved. (One warning: You might not want to enter the pyramids if you are claustrophobic!).

The Sphinx
Next to the Great Pyramids at Giza is the enigmatic Sphinx. A gigantic statue with the head of a man and the body of a lion, the great Sphinx stares silently at the east, perhaps watching the sunrise, or perhaps protecting the great pyramids from whatever evils that may threaten to destroy them. The Sphinx is just as old as the pyramids, aging over 4500 years (or more, depending on which group of archaeologists you believe).
Almost everyone has heard of the Sphinx with its missing nose, and some might wonder how he actually lost his nose. (Do not believe what you saw in the Disney cartoon Aladdin) Almost everyone has seen many pictures, or perhaps the Discovery channel, showing the Sphinx in various angles. But you have to visit it, to stand there right next to it, to realize why both the Sphinx and the Pyramids are the most famous man-made structures in the world. Just the front paw of the Sphinx is larger than a human being!.

The Wonders of the Nile
The architectural wonders of ancient Egypt are not limited to those at Giza. As you travel along the Nile River (incidentally the longest river in the world), you will come across other monuments. Chief of these is the Valley of Kings near Luxor. It is here that many kings from many of the ancient Egyptian dynasties were entombed. Each tomb is unqiue and is a wonder in its own right. Unfortunately, most of the treasure that was entombed with the pharaohs have long been stolen by tomb raiders. Only the well-hidden tomb of Tutankhamun managed to survive more or less intact to this day.
Further south, near the town of Aswan, are the famous temples of Abu Simbel. Constructed during the reign of Ramses II, better known as Ramses the Great, these two temples feature much-larger-than-life statues guarding the entrances. And beautiful hieroglyphs still adorn the walls of the temples.

The few monuments I've mentioned are just a small fraction of the many wonders that can be found in Egypt. If you have any interest in ancient civilizations, or want to know more about the wonders of ancient Egypt, you owe it to yourself to visit this ancient land before its wonders are eventually swept away by the sands of time.

A Guide To Shopping In Egypt
 by: MIRO

It has been a well known fact that when you visit any place else in the world, may it be at your own locality, shopping is never out of the to-do list. You shop and it is out of the question why you do so. So, think about it, if you shop in your own locality, how much more when you are out of the country? A souvenir is a must and I am perfectly aware of that! Now, to save you from wondering where to shop when you are in an enchanting, history rich country like Egypt, I have here a guide for you.

When shopping, Egypt has it "under one roof", the Khan el-Khalili in Cairo. It is a place where you can experience full onslaught of Egyptian shopping. You can find almost anything here - from cloths, to water pipes, to papyrus. Name it, The Khan has it. So, do expect to spend the rest of your day here, especially if you are the impulsive buyer type. A hundred percent guarantee that you will really enjoy shopping here, and yes, you might even drain your wallet in this area. That is why, for a friendly reminder, use your bargaining skills. Why bargain? Because, The Khan is just like most of the bazaars you will find in any other place in the world. Yet, Egyptians usually call the bazaar as souks. Did I mention that the selection in this place is endless? Yes, indeed!

Egyptian cotton, having been soft and longer lasting, claimed the best in the world. So, never miss the opportunity of buying it in an affordable price in the place where it originated, Egypt. The Khan has different varieties of such cotton. From towels, bed sheets, shower robes to just simple cotton cloths turn into your own fancy. They have it here! And if you want the ones that are made highly for export quality, Wekalet El Balah, Al Azhar Street and El Sadd Street is the place to be. These streets have thousands of Egyptian cotton and to top it off, they specialize in this kind of industry.

>From spices to jewelry to perfume bottles, The Khan can provide it for you. Visit the Shobra el-Khema and be amazed with the different bottles made extraordinarily. Some even have intricate designs on it. The bottles come in different shapes, sizes as well as colors.

Now, how can we ever forget the ever most popular papyrus? Guess what, you can also find it here in The Khan. And the good news is, the papyrus artwork comes in all forms and sizes. There are a lot of beautiful papyrus artworks that it will really make it hard for you to decide what to buy or what not. In addition to this, these beautifully made papyrus have signatures of the artists themselves hand-painted on each papyrus. If you will not buy what I just said, why not visit the outside skirts of Egyptian Antiquities Museum and find out for yourself?

And lastly, the hookahs; Egypt is known to have these and yes, again, The Khan has it for you. A variety of glass water pipes or hookahs can be found here. And yes, you will definitely have a hard time deciding which hookah to buy. However, if you will buy one, do not forget the bubble wraps as they keep help keep your purchase in one piece.

There are still a lot of things that you can find in The Khan. So, when visiting Egypt, do not hesitate to visit the place and shop until you drop. 
Hurghada - The City, Opened Egypt
 by: MIRO

In the early 90's, when travel abroad was much easier than having to fly into space, the Russians finally learned what the rest at the seaside. And the first city, won fame fashionable resort, Hurghada has become. The sea, beaches, good hotels, a familiar food, and even exotic Luxor, skating on camels and even a trip to the pyramid - all this attracted tens of thousands of tourists from all over Russia. Rest here was cheap, and it was affordable for most little people. For many of them Hurghada was the first, and the available abroad, which remained in grateful memory. In short, if you have a saying: "Egypt - Cairo that" it has been 15 years, said: "Egypt - Hurghada it. It must be said, Russian business is very competently mastered it. In Sovestkom Union, there were many professionals who worked in the Middle East, enough people who knew Arabic, and they formed the basis of the companies involved in travel. Tourists arrived in Hurgazu, from the first day of fall into the comfortable environment, because they do not have to rely only on a modest English and ability to explain characters - who was here to help. And then came to the fore the obvious advantages of this kurorta.Vo first in Hurghada is easy to reach: the city maintains its own international airport which receives direct flights from Russia. Secondly, it is quite acceptable for the Russian climate - warm and dry desert climate with constant sea breezes. Yes, summer is hot, the temperature above 40 degrees. But heat is not painful. It can be dealt with by the local mineral water. And must not forget chafe cream that is not the sun burned skin. However, you can simply climb into the sea and prosidet there are 10 days, which usually lasts an Egyptian tour.

Hurghada tacitly regarded as the capital of the Red Sea. The city is situated so that it is from here the easiest to get to the best places for diving into the water to the coastal reefs and uninhabited islands. Tourists in Hurghada are available all types of water entertainment, windsurfing, Sailing, deep sea fishing, swimming. Especially popular is the diving, which created the necessary infrastructure. Unfortunately, not all vacationers are cautious, but if you're indifferent to the great diver Mayol laurels, perhaps, you is not threatened. Those who do not like to sit in one place, be pleased to go on an excursion to the desert and mountains near the Red Sea. You can go to the nearby monasteries of St. Anthony. Paul, to admire their amazing frescoes. Nearby, in the Gebel Abu Dukhan, is a historic quarry, where excavations are ongoing - it is also worth seeing. And yet

Hurghada - a paradise for golfers around the world. The famous resort complex with golf course located in El Gune, which is about 25 km from Hurghada.

If the first years of the Russians went to Hurghada just relax, the last time, perhaps since the beginning of the century, they have an interest in local real estate. Nothing surprising. Some brought a business, and therefore bought the apartment, the other just tired to rent rooms in hotels. Finally, a lot of those who began to invest in Egyptian real estate, hoping to profit. In order there are reasons. Expensive real estate in Egypt every year, at the same time, according to our standards, it is not so much the road. Recently otstroennuyu the villa area of 200-300 m ² can be bought for 400-500 thousand dollars. Flat area of 100 m ² will cost a little more expensive - 100 thousand dollars. There is great variation in prices, and still 60-70 thousand dollars should be sufficient for a decent area of around 1 thousand m ².

Twenty years ago, Hurghada was the poor fishing village. The first major investment in the economy of the town did business with the Arab East. It happened in the late 80's. Soon came here, and European investors - companies from Germany, Italy, Belgium. Together, this created a good infrastructure - roads, communications, and, of course, modern hotels. Local people employed in the service sector, artistic poverty learn the minimum set of English, German and Russian words, and seems to be the only concept that has no Arabic equivalent, cost of delivery. But that waiter that the driver that the trader - they are all quite peaceful, and if a tourist persistent, he always get what hochet. Zametim also that local governments favor the investors, there are various tax breaks for those who have something building, and it also attracts business. Europeans sometimes pay attention to the set built, but .... arrears little houses. Of course, any developer can be difficult, but it's just different, in a funny trick: while under construction, there are tax benefits, like the Egyptians, and trying, so to speak, to extend the fun. But the authorities closed a blind eye. Over the past few years, the inflow of investment is not reduced. A general upturn in the market creates a growing demand.

According to local authorities, in 2007, an Egyptian real estate sector grew almost 16%, more than 2 times higher than the growth of the economy as a whole. According to studies carried out by several government institutions, is currently in Egypt, there is a need for 2.5 million apartments, and that the proposal more than kept pace with demand, the market has an annual needs of 350 thousand new apartments.

According to sociologists, the gap between rich and poor is extremely large, but the economic measures taken by the government, contribute to the growth of the middle class, so that the Egyptian real estate is the consumer who can create demand.

Currently, the major players in the local real estate market are the companies from the Gulf. But the Europeans, as private individuals or corporations, are increasingly influenced by the situation in this area.

First, all attracted by cheap land. Secondly, Egypt, with its huge population and unpretentious, with a multimillion army of tourists - this is a huge and promising market with a very low-cost projects. After Europe, with its overheated housing markets, Egypt seems to investment paradise. Especially since, according to research companies, to peak development of real estate is still very daleko. Razumeetsya, buy property in Egypt - it is not the same as buy fragrant oils in hurgadskoy bench. It would be extremely naive to rely on herself and does not refer to specialists. Stories from poorly spent money, you can find in abundance on the Internet.

But the fact is that specialists in the Egyptian real estate is sufficient, many Russian companies are active in the local market, selling villas, studios, apartments, and could contribute as ordinary buyer or investor. Well, if we who have decided to work at your own risk, it is unlikely that it is then to lament the loss of time and money. The fact that the Russians came in Hurghada in earnest and for a long time to understand everything. Including Western competitors in business, who realize that the market reached new players, which will be considered. The Russians are willing to buy this home for a holiday or just free time, but is becoming increasingly popular purchase in order to derive rental income. Given the prospects for the development of the coastal zone, such income - too seriously and for a long time. 
10 Attractions Worth Visiting in Egypt

Egypt as one of the world's most intriguing country when it comes to mystery beyond their famous architectures and rich in history is a place where all of us would surely spend time to visit at least once in our lives. There are countless of wonders that you will see in Egypt, natural or man made. No matter how the media convey the beauty of this magnificent country, it cannot pale into comparison the experience you yourself will have.

1 - The Cairo Tower

In the center of Zamalek district in Gezira Island, stood a 187 meter tower leaning over Cairo. This famous Cairo Tower provides a glamorous view of the city at night, the glow of each building reveals the city's best contours. The panoramic view would surely take your breath away.

2 - The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

For over 4000 years, the great Pyramid of Giza never fails to enchant the eye sight of its viewers and The Great Sphynx never fails to mistify the minds of the every tourist. This 2 great creations remain as the icon of Egypt since the ancient times. Indeed, a beauty that must not be missed.

3 - The Nile River

The most popular and the source of life of Egypt, the Nile river, is another place you shouldn't miss. The best experience with the Nile is by cruise. Touring you the Nile's riverside is another magnificent scenery packed with luxury and style.

4 - The Valley Of The Kings

Situated at the west bank of the Nile across from Luxor, where the nobles were burried, lies The Valley of Kings. This is the principal burial place of the Kings of the New Kingdom dated back on the 16th to 11th century BC. Its tombs and chambers continue to be studied for further exploration and discovery. Indeed another place of never ending mystery that must be seen.

5 - Luxor Temple

Another great creation of the Ancient Egypt is Luxor Temple. It is thought to be the temple for Amon Ra in the shouthern region of Egypt. With its stunning entrance alone, you will surely praise this magnificent creation of the ancient times.

6 - The Egyptian Museum In Cairo

For a glimpse of Egypt's artifacts, Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the best place to be. Built on 1835, the museum exhibits over 120,000 artifacts from the ancient times. The museum doesn't only cater ancient artifacts, but mummies and sculptures as well. Another mesmerizing scene that would stain in your vision for a lifetime.

7 - Red Sea Coast

One of the world's best underwater adventures is situated at Red Sea in Egypt. Resorts in the Red Sea coast such as Hurghada caters scuba diving, taking you to some of the most beautiful parts of the Red Sea. It is inhibited by over 1000 invertebrate species wanting to be seen and explored by human eyes and minds.

8 - White Desert

Located 45 kilometers north from Farafra, you might mistakenly think this as a never ending shoreline of a beach since the whiteness of the sand resembles those at Bora Bora. This is another interesting site in Egypt with fascinating white rocks perfectly balanced on top of a pillar. This cream colored desert is best viewed during sunset or sunrise as it changes its color, a true delight on your eye sight.

9 - Abu Simbel

Another astounding place to hop in is the temple in Abu Simbel. The temple of Ramses in Abu Simbel unravels the beauty of ancient Egypt. It portrays how Egypt is rich in culture and power. These gigantic Statues are made for the purpose of recognition and landmark since ancient times.

10 - Dakhla

Dakhla Oasis is another oasis worth visiting for. Traditions are well preserve by the inhabitants making it more interesting to tourists and travelers. 
Things To See In Florence Italy
 by: MIRO

Florence Italy is in the Tuscany region about midway between Milan to the north and Rome to the South. During the Renaissance, Florence was the center of art, politics and intellectual thought. The city is the biggest tourist attraction in the region with plenty to see and do. The city is small enough to walk to most places, but offers many attractions to keep you interested for weeks.

A large airport and train station in town make travelling within the region or out of the country easy. With public transportation and most attractions in easy walking distance, a Florence car rental may not be necessary.

Everyone in the region speaks Italian, but many people also speak some English. It’s a good idea to have some knowledge of Italian when visiting the area. If you don’t speak Italian, consider purchasing a phrase book with common phrases in Italian to help you communicate while staying in the area.

Early Autumn and Spring are the best times to visit Florence. This is still considered to be tourist season, but is not too overcrowded. Summer is the busiest season and you should expect crowds if you choose to travel at this time. The later Autumn tends to be chilly and can be rainy. It is still warm enough to visit and the crowds will have disappeared by this time.

Things to See in Florence Italy

o Casa di Dante is the home of the famous author of The Divine Comedy. The house is a tourist attraction and is located in the medieval section of the city.

o The Baptistry of John the Baptist is an ornate church that was built in the 11th century

o The Church of San Lorenzo is the oldest religious structure in Florence. It was built prior to the year 400.

The dining in Florence is amazing, with a wide variety of restaurants throughout the city. You will get the chance to sample Florence Italy recipes, which use the freshest ingredients. If you rent villas or apartments in Florence, you may want to try out a few of these in your own kitchen with fresh ingredients purchased at the local market.

Museums in Florence Italy

Florence is home to several well known museums:

o The Florence Archaeological Museum is a palace with Egyptian and Etruscan art collections.

o Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens: the palace consists of several museums with paintings by several celebrated Florentine artists. The Boboli Gardens are manicured Renaissance gardens that you can walk and enjoy.

o Uffizi Gallery was built in 1560 and contains numerous art works. The museum offers a beautiful view of the city in addition to spectacular works of art.

Places to Stay in Florence Italy

Visitors have several Florence accommodation options. There are a wide variety of hotels in Florence Italy, both in the center of town and on the outskirts. Prices vary according to the clientele and location. For longer stays apartments in Florence are a good choice. Most have small kitchens for a more home like atmosphere. If you prefer a more remote, country setting, a farmhouse holiday in Florence is a good choice. All of these can be booked on the internet or through a travel rental agency. 
All About Traveling To Italy
 by: MIRO

When considering a trip to Europe, Italy is often one of the main places of interest. In particular, Rome is a really popular destination and it is packed full of history. So if you are looking to go on an interesting vacation which is packed with plenty of ancient ruins and places of interest then Rome is certainly a place which you should consider.

Why Choose Rome?

In Rome there are approximately 2.7 million people. Its climate is extremely hot and dry within the summer months but incredibly rainy in the winter. If you are thinking of traveling there you will need a passport but if you only intend to stay for around 90 days then you will not need a visa.

If you want to have the best possible vacation in Rome then it would be best not to go during peak times. Off peak times are between October-March and it is generally a lot quieter then and you can enjoy your trip a little bit more than you would in the summer months. It would be a good idea to book a hotel which is situated within the historic district of Rome and the Hotel de Russie is one which should certainly be considered. There you will get to see the Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps too.

Generally it is a lot better to go by foot to most places in Rome. That way you do not miss anything and you will be able to go at your own pace. Due to the fact that there is plenty to see, it would be better if you made a list beforehand of where exactly you want to go. There will usually be a few things which you would really like to see and so if you see them first you will be able to see other things too in your own time. Without a plan of action you could end up missing out on some of the things which you wanted to see and so it is always better to be prepared. It may be a good idea to book a guided tour as these can easily be arranged at the hotel which you are staying in and they will help you to see things you would not necessarily see yourself.

No matter where you decide to go in Rome, there are some places which you should definitely opt to see. These include the Coliseum, the Foro Romano and the Pantheon. The coliseum is by far one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of Europe and you can choose to go around it on your own or take a tour with a guide. It is advisable to phone ahead to see what the opening times are during your stay as it does vary throughout the year.

Overall there is plenty to see and do in Rome and it is certainly one of the most popular tourist destinations within Europe. 
 Rome, Italy - Hotels In The Saint John In Laterno District
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The San Giovanni in Laterno district is located in the southwest corner of Rome. Its central points include the San Giovanni Basilica and the Laterno Palace, which was the residence of the popes in the Middle Ages. Both of these buildings are located on the San Giovanni Piazza. The Battistero S. Giovanni was built by Constantine. At one point all Romans, or more precisely all of those Romans who really counted, were baptized there. Other sights that you should see include the ruins of the beautiful circular temple of the Minerva Medica, the brick Castrense amphitheatre, and the neighboring Church of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme. For your convenience we have listed neighborhood hotels in the approximate order of cost, starting with the least expensive. We have personally verified all website addresses making sure that they include English-language pages.

The Hotel Bled occupies a lovely classical villa. It is part of the Leonardi chain that includes 17 hotels in Rome. This hotel features a garden and a panoramic terrace. They provide a rich buffet breakfast in a breakfast room. The hotel address is Via S. Croce in Gerusalemme, 40 - 00185 - Rome.

The Hotel Daniela is a three-star, four-story hotel with a panoramic terrace and a garden. You may enjoy the bar, a breakfast room, and a TV room. This hotel provides a selection of single, double, and triple rooms. It is part of the same chain as the Hotel Bled. Its address is Via Luzzatti, 31 - 00185 - Rome.

The Hotel Re di Roma is a three-star hotel, which is situated in an early Nineteenth Century building. It offers a lobby bar and a meeting room that can accommodate a maximum of 60 people. There are 38 rooms, 2 of which have been specially equipped to welcome disabled people. Among its rooms are a family room, a junior suite, and a suite. Each of the rooms has a flat-screen LCD TV and about half of them have a balcony or a terrace. Their breakfast room serves gluten-free breakfast on demand. This is a non-smoking property. The hotel address is Via Vercelli 21 - 00182 Rome.

The Prime Hotel Saint John is situated quite close to the San Giovanni Piazza. This recently renovated four-star hotel is particularly designed for business travelers. It provides congress facilities, secretarial services, simultaneous translation, and banqueting services. Its conference hall can accommodate 150 people. There are 79 rooms and 4 suites. The hotel address is Via Matteo Boiardo 30 - 00185 Rome.
 Italy - Hotels In Asissi
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The beautiful medieval walled town of Assisi is a very important Christian pilgrimage. This town honors St. Francis of Assisi, Italy's patron saint and the founder of the Franciscan order. The Basilica of Saint Francis has been a World Heritage Site since 2000. The Upper and Lower Basilicas were started in 1228, shortly after St. Francis' canonization. Interestingly enough, the land was known as Collo d'Inferno (Hill of Hell). Here convicted criminals were put to death. The churches' architecture is a combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles. and helped set the tone for many Italian edifices to come. Don't rush your visit and respect the dress code, no bare shoulders and no bare knees. For your convenience we have listed neighborhood hotels in approximate order of cost, starting with the least expensive. We have personally verified all hotel websites to make sure that they include English-language pages.

The two-star Hotel Properzio is so close to the Basilica that you will hear the bells every morning. It is located in a historic building offering 9 double rooms with a view of the historic town center's main street. An unusual hotel feature is the tower with a panoramic terrace. More common features include a TV room, a bar, and baby sitting service. The address is Via San Francesco 38, Assisi 06081.

The three-star Hotel Fontebella offers facilities for the disabled. This entire property is non-smoking. This historic, renaissance-style building has been recently renovated. The property includes congress facilities and private parking, free on a first come, first served basis. The Al Frantoio Restaurant relies on fresh, local produce and is said to have an excellent wine list. The bathrooms are ultramodern. Their address is Via Fontebella 25, Assisi 06081.

The three-star Hotel San Francesco is located right across from the Basilica, and some of the 44 rooms that range from singles to quads offer a panoramic view of the Basilica and the vast Umbrian plain. This building dates from the Fifteenth Century. Hotel facilities include a bar and restaurant restricted to hotel guests. The breakfast buffet features homemade cakes. The address is Via San Francesco 48, Assisi 06082.

The four-star Giotto Hotel is built on the foundations of an ancient building and has been welcoming guests since 1899. It has a wide range of business services include simultaneous translation and secretarial services. You will find a conference room, congress facilities, a snack bar, a bar, a TV room, a coffee shop, and restaurants. Did I mention the fitness center? There are 83 rooms including junior suites and suites. Visit their website to get a look at the restaurant and wine cellar in which meals are served. The address is Via Fontebella 41, Assisi 06081.
Tips For Choosing The Best Holiday Hotels – Italy
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When we plan for a holiday, there are several things we expect out of it. The foremost is relaxation. Holidaying close to nature is to release ourselves from our tiring city lifestyle. If you looking out for the best holiday destinations in Italy where you can come in complete compliance with nature and relaxation, wellness hotels is what you need. One of the best wellness hotels in Italy can be found in South Tyrol, Dolomites mountains.

Hotels in this part of Italy specialize in fitness and spa and provide a complete holiday package of relaxation close to nature. There are many ways through which you can plan for your perfect holiday with complete ease. One such way is online reservation and booking. But there are many cases of frauds when it comes to using the online medium. Some of the common problems are no proper information on the hotel you seeking, the hotels might not live up to their claims and so on.

So here are few tips on how to plan and book the best holiday hotels at you favorite destination, online.

Firstly comes what is your motive of going to for a good holiday. If it is relaxing under the wide bed of natural beauty where you can also enjoy other things like seasonal sports, get full details about the destination you choose to pay visit to. In Italy, South Tyrol and Dolomites mountains meet all your above mentioned requirements. Get details on where is it located, how to get there, how good are the generally amenities provided by locals, do they have something extra, like seasonal sports, to offer and so on.

Then go online and run a search on the web and find the best Italy hotels in and around the place. Look for complete details on the hotel, right from the facilities offered by them to the different packages offered. There are many with last minute holiday offer for those who have just decided to leave for Dolomites the next day.

The best way to get complete details on these hotels to look for a platform or a site which provides verified information of the hotels with all the details and assurance that the hotels listed by them are worth their claims. Another way to do this by looking up your social networking sites as hotel industries too have entered the field of modern marketing by linking up with sites which serves as a platform for them to meet their customers.

This common platform makes sure that each and every hotel listed by them is true to their words and fills in the customers with all the necessary details on the hotel, also with some extra tips. This can probably be the best way to get your dream holiday package at affordable rates. Hotels in South Tyrol are known for its wellness services and thus one needs to be sure that all the services, spa, sauna and fitness benefits these hotels provide are worth their prices. After all, a well deserved holiday should not be spoilt just because of the lack of right information.
Luxury Hotels In Spain
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So you are traveling to Spain and planning to visit Barcelona while you are there, but the thought of staying in a noisy, busy, city centre hotel leaves you cold? Don’t worry, there are other options when it comes to Barcelona hotels, and the following couple of suggestions should make for a mush more relaxed trip.

The first suggestion is to try one of the superb four star hotels at the Port Aventura theme park, only a short distance outside the centre, rather than a hotel in Barcelona city itself. It is possible to get a dedicated transfer from Barcelona’s main airport, directly to the theme park, which will drop you right outside your hotel. Of course, you can always hire a car and drive yourself to the theme park, and if you do, remember that Europcar have special arrangements with the Port Aventura hotels to ensure you get the best deal.

The four hotels available each have their own particular character and are decorated and furnished to a very high level. Whichever you choose you will be guaranteed a luxurious visit. If you are looking for classic Mediterranean style you might try the Portaventura hotel, whilst for something a little different, the El Paso hotel has a Mexican theme. If you are after sheer indulgence and the chance to sunbath by the pool on pure white sand, The Hotel Caribe is for you.

As well as bed and breakfast, the very reasonable prices charged by the Port Aventura hotels also include entrance to the theme park and the Caribe Aquatic Centre. Even during the summer months, an expensive period for all hotels in Spain, a night in the hotel with two days in the theme park is just over two hundred euros for a single, and less than one hundred and fifty per person for a double. To reduce the cost even further, you can have a room for up to four people. Out of season, when it is still possible to enjoy good weather in this region, two people could pay less than one hundred euros.

If you want to be a little closer to Barcelona city centre, but are still looking for a luxurious option, away from the crowds of La Rambla, you should check into the Arts Hotle, which offers an incredible sea front location with views over the whole Marina and port area. This is a place to really be pampered, and any of the spacious rooms, suites or split-level apartments, offer an uneatable standard of accommodation. The real gem in this hotel is the Goyescas restaurant, were the extensive menu includes local specialties as well as international cuisine. If you are having trouble deciding between the mouthwatering dishes, a recommendation from the friendly staff may help you make up you mind. They will even tell you the perfect wine to accompany your meal.

So as you can see, it is perfectly possible to enjoy the cultural and historical sights of Barcelona, without having to stay right in the bustling city centre. After a hard day’s sightseeing you return to a calm relaxing oasis, just a short ride away. 
Guide to Spains Costa del Sol
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Spains costa del sol(Coast of Sun) is situated in the south of the country and experiences around 320 days of sunshine every year. This is why it has become in recent years one of the most popular holiday destinations for the British as well as other europeans including the Germans and the French.

The costa del sol has a host of towns a cities to explore such as its capital Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Mijas, Marbella and Estepona to name a few.

The costa del sol is a fantastic holiday resort for people of all ages. If you have children then there are lots of places to visit such as Selwo Marina in Benalmadena which has a variety of sealife to see including sea lions, dolphins, flamingos and penguins.

Or if you are visiting Fuengirola the zoo there is a must. Located pretty much within the hustle and bustle of the town it has a great number of different animals from all over the world to see and is great for the kids.

If golf is your thing then the costa del sol is perfect for you as its one of the worlds golfing mecca´s. There are around 50 courses to choose from and most are of a very high standard. A particularly nice course is Santana Golf Course in La Cala and is well worth 18 holes. Bare in mind though if you do play golf in Spain try and avoid July and August as although the green fee´s will be a lot less than the rest of the year, it can get very hot and is not ideal for playing any sport.

If it is nightlife that you are after then the costa del sol is definetely a good choice. With literally hundreds of bars and clubs to tickle your fancy you will be spoilt for choice on where to spend your evenings.

On the other hand if all the above sounds like just a bit too much activity for you, why not settle for a nice spot of sand on one of the many fine beaches that there are on offer. Lay your towel down, chill out and feel that warm sun on your body.

The great thing about the costa del sol is that there is something for everyone. 
Villa Holiday Rental in Spain, Calahonda, Costa del Sol - Book Direct - Save Money !

Reserve or lease a trendy, villa holiday rental in Spain by searching the internet via an search engine like Google using terms such as " owners direct-Spain", holiday villa select or " seaside Spain villa". Regardless of how you find a website, you should deal directly with the proprietors rather than with an agent or a site representative as both will expect you to pay a percentage as a commission fee. So whether you are dealing with villa owners in, Marbella, Fuengirola, or Calahonda Spain, be absolutely certain that they are actually the property owners.

Calahonda is the ideal location for a villa holiday rental in Spain or an apartment holiday in Spain rental, situated as it is between Marbella and Fuengirola in the Malaga province. In Spanish Calahonda literally means "deep cove". To the west of Calahonda you can walk along the beach all the way to Marbella, passing a protected national park, which features a restored Moorish lookout torra. The area surrounding Calahonda is mainly used to grow tropical produce and other crops. From the small harbour at Puerto Cabopino, the attractive sandy beaches stretch all the way east to Fuengirola.

Calahonda has the amazing, sun-drenched beaches you would expect in this area and is the ideal place if you desire a quiet villa holiday rental in Spain. It is within easy reach of the major attractions, villages and amenities. Malaga Airport can be reached in just 25 minutes and Puerto Banus is just 10 minutes away. Marbella capital, notorious for shopping by day and its immense night life and is roughly 5-10 minutes away. There are also 13 golf clubs in the vicinity and of course Spain's year-round great weather makes it one of the best golf areas in Europe and therefore a fine choice to book a villa holiday rental in Spain.

For those holidaymakers renting a seaside Spain villa there's nothing to match a stroll along the Calahonda Beaches followed by a meal in one of the many local restaurants. Calahonda has a wide choice of cuisine on offer, from international dishes to the local gastronomy of Southern Spain. Specialities are typically seafood based, particularly the "el pescaito frito" renowned in this area and if you're staying in Calahonda and booked an apartment holiday in Spain rental, then you will find it is a great place to find a welcoming bar especially if you don't want to drive. A lot of the bars in Calahonda can be found in the centre called 'El Zoco'.

Calahonda is especially popular with those who like to sunbathe on the beach as they can choose to rent from an extensive range of seaside Spain villa accomindation. In addition to lazing in the sun all day at your villa holiday rental in Spain, there are plenty of water sports to try which also makes Calahonda the perfect location for an apartment holiday in Spain rental. Whether you're into jet-skiing, sailing, balloon flights or cable-skiing you'll find it all at Calahonda and Marbella's seafront and water-sport centres.

 Certainly, we strongly suggest you use a good travel insurance broker to ensure you get expert advice and insurance at the most competitive price. 
Travel in Spain
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Located at the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is a prominent member of European Union. The country shares the peninsula with another enchantment of Europe- Portugal. An abode of best-kept heritages of the world, Spain has the honor to be the second country, which houses largest number of UNESCO World Heritages.

Considered an exotic temptation in European continent, Spain is famed for its warm hospitality, unhurried lifestyle, tempting savories, sparkling nightlife, grand fiesta and many more captivations, which are not listed here. Remarked as a lazy country, Spain is yet energized…

Cities of Spain-

The capital city of the country, ‘Madrid’ is among the most thriving cities of Europe while the costal city of Barcelona is amazingly colorful.

Barcelona- The capital city of Catalonia (cosmopolitan area of Spain), Barcelona exhibits tints of early years of 20th century and its rich cultural legacy. If you want to spoil yourself in unlimited captivation of museums, exhibitions, outdoor sculpturing, theatrical temptation and dancing allurement, you must plan a trip to Spain. A planned

Spain trip will let you enjoy the best of European diversity.

Madrid – The dazzling Spanish city is famed for its festivity and fervor for music. The music-loving city offers a great nightlife to get spoiled. One of the most sough-after heritage cities of the world, Madrid calls one to sweat out until night while thriving on musical notes.

Things to do in Spain –

Coastal areas of Spain are famous all across the world. Its powdery sand bed is nothing but captivating. In a lazy ambiance, these serene beaches call everyone for relaxed basking…But, if you are an adventure loving being, you can plunge into hundreds of oceanic exhilaration offered. White water rafting, paddling, diving in azure water, boating and many more adventurous activities are offered for those, who suffer from access of adrenalin shot. Nevertheless, such activities leave your heart pumped but these are most enticing for many tourists, as they plan a trip to Spain just to indulge in such activities.

If you are looking for frosty enticement, checkout snowy terrain of Spain, the country is supposed to be a great place for ski classes. There are 35 ice-ski centers around the country. Every centre is equipped with latest facilities.

Exhilaration is not bound in Spain. You had great fun while playing with ice and water, now its time to checkout some striking heritages of the world, which are located in Spain.
Ten Things To Try When You Visit Spain
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Spain is a country of exotic culture and ideas with beautiful tourist destinations that can fill a book. The country teems with many cities and towns full of history that offers a view of life in another country. The great thing about these visits is experiencing what we only read in brochures.

1.) Palacio Real

This is the Royal Palace with big dimensions. It also comes with an armory, with a collection of armors and weapons housed in two stories. Madrid is proud of this emblematic building for its architecture and the treasures that can be found inside it.

2.) Plaza Mayor

Many tourists will make a stop at this place, which is well known for the events it has hosted. There had been bullfights, symphonies, markets, tournaments, and even executions held in this impressive square. It was built originally outside the walls of the city.

3.) Museum Visits

Madrid is a good place to go to when you want to see museums. There’s the National Archeology Museum, Museo de Lazaro Galdiano, Real Academia de Bella Artes de San Fernando, and Museo de America. You will find impressive displays of native cultures, art pieces collected over time, private collections of Jose Lazaro Galdiano, and archeological pieces.

4.) Festivals to Watch

There are many festivals observed in several cities of the country. In Barcelona alone, one can try watching any of the following: Festes de la Mercè, Festes de Gràcia, Festes de Sants, Sant Jordi, Corpus Christi day, Fira de Santa Llúcia and Revetlla de Sant Joan. Each one observes a different procedure that makes them unique from each other.

5.) La Rambla

This boulevard is famous in Barcelona which packs a good number of tourists. The road goes from the Harbour up to the La Placa Catalunya and crosses Ciutat Vella. You will get to see some street performers and enjoy stalls that specialize in pets and flowers, and you can also get the chance to enjoy life in Barcelona as you sit and watch the view.

6.) Tibidabo

In the mountains, you can get a view of the city at over 500 meters high. Legend has it that this is the spot where the Devil tried seducing Jesus Christ by offering the world in exchange for the chance to be worshipped by Jesus Christ. One will be able to view a church there as well.

7.) Football

Followers of the sport of football will get a kick at visiting Camp Nou which is home to Barcelona’s football team. FC Barcelona is a club that does not depend on advertising because it so happens that it is already earning even without them. It’s nice to see a listing of the matches that have been played so far.

8.) Arabic Baths

Jerez de la Frontera is popular for its sherry wines that are being exported to other countries too. This city exists in a mix of modern and historic cultures with ease and harmony, and here, too, you will find Hammam Andalusi which is a restored building of 18th century architecture. It comes with three pools where massage and other spa treatments are offered for weary tourists.

9.) Park Güell

Art nouveau in Barcelona is offered in Park Güell, which is perched atop a hill just overlooking Barcelona. The climb up the hill can be very steep, but the patient tourist will be rewarded by the view of the entire city from there. You can also enjoy the sculptured park complete with walkways.

10.) Churches and Monasteries

You will get to visit cities in Spain that shows cathedrals and monasteries of architectural value. There’s the massive cathedral named Cathedral de la Almudena facing Palacio Real. A Gothic monastery sits in Barcelona called Monestir de Pedralbes and is covered by medieval frescoes. All are a feast for the eyes.
The City of Cuenca - A Place of Historic Interest in Spain


The city of Cuenca which is located in Central Spain, and happens to be one of the largest provinces and covers an area of approximately 17,000 sq kms.

Like most other Spanish provinces, even Cuenca was under the rule of Romans and Moors and later Christians took over this city. Apparantly, the Moors recognized its strategic location and they started to protect the city by building forts. Cuenca is clearly rich in heritage buildings and is also known for its beautiful environment and areas of natural outstanding beauty. Head into Cuenca by visiting "Our lady of Grace Cathedral", which is believed to have been constructed during 1182 to 1270. The main façade of the building was reconstructed in 1902 and local historians believe that this is the first Gothic style cathedral in the region. The cathedral has undergone many changes that were carried out by successive civilizations, and there is a sign of "Unum ex septem" inside the cathedral. It is said that people who pray look at this sign of "Unum ex septem", and would get forgiveness from their sins for five years.

Church of Saint Peter:

It is believed that the Church of Saint Peter was built by Jose Martin during the 18th century. It is located at a place called Plaza del Trabuco and the façade of the church is just beautifully designed. The entire church is designed in an octagonal shape from the outside perspective, while inside the church it is circular in shape.

Bishop's Palace:

The palace is again just beautifully designed and has a museum where rare works of art are shown on display and believed that some of the art works were lost in the Spanish war. Some of the most beautiful works of handicraft made on carpet are on display in this palace. Come and check it out.


The seminary is popular for its baroque façade and was built in the year 1745, in the shape of a rectangular building. This is one of the Seminaries which have collection of numerous religious books dating back to the year 1501. There is a meeting room which is built in typical Gothic architecture. Normally visitors are not allowed inside the meeting room. Every year more than 15 priests are trained in this Seminary. Managana Tower: At the outset, there are no historical records to verify when this tower was built. However, going by the available information, historians believe that the tower was built earlier to the year 1565. Visitors should not miss this Managana Tower because of its architectural beauty. It is also the most ideal viewpoint to have a glimpse of the places around Cuenca.

For those seeking a slightly different kind of trip to Spain, then considering visiting the above churches on your tour around central Spain.